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Can You Hear Me? Getting Mic Repair in Houston

Your mic does a lot on your iPhone. It helps others hear you during phone conversations, allows you to send voice text messages and even lets you record voice notes. When your mic isn’t working properly, a lot of features you may have never noticed no longer work and your phone feels useless. In Houston you have options for mic repair, but before you get it repaired, here are a few tips to consider.

Is it Broke?
Sometimes your mic’s issues have nothing to do with the mic being broken – instead your settings are messed up. Review your settings to make sure your mic capture isn’t off or you haven’t accidentally changed any settings associated with your mic. Some apps can automatically change your settings; therefore, if you just installed or used a new app that may be the issue. Also, make sure your hand isn’t covering the mic. During voice chat andvoice memos it’s easy to accidentally cover up your mic. Any coverage over the mic can muffle or diminish your iPhone’s capability to capture sound.

Software Updates and Bug Fixes
You know those nagging push notifications on your phone? You know those nagging push notifications on your phone? They serve a purpose. In some cases iPhone will have a bug fix associated with their iOS software. So make sure your software is up-to-date before you head off to a mic repair store in Cypress tx.

Getting Professional Help
If you’ve exhausted all of your options, it may be in your best interest to seek professional assistance from a mic repair store in Cypress tx. These services can inspect your iPhone and determine if you just need an upgrade or mic repair. In some cases your error may be tied to your speaker; therefore, you can get a speaker replacement done at the same time. One thing to keep in mind is that iPhone’s are difficult to repair. It takes an expert who knows how to remove the components and repair your phone without permanently damaging it. You should never attempt to repair an iPhone without a professional. Not only can you void your warranty with Apple, but you could make a costly error that requires you to replace the phone rather than repair it.

Finding the Right Professional
While some computer companies offer on-the-side iPhone repair, you best option is to go with an iPhone and iPad servicer who focuses solely on repairing Apple products. These companies can get parts faster and relatively cheaper, but they also have working knowledge of the latest software and iPhone components so that you can ensure your phone is repaired correctly.

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