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Pasadena, TX Mobile Troubleshooting: Diagnosing Your iPhone and iPad

iPhones and iPads are testy creatures. There are times your iPhone may not be functioning properly and you think it’s time to replace it. While there are certainly instances where an iPhone will need replacement, you may luck out and be able to have your phone or iPad repaired locally in Pasadena, TX. To help you determine the best route, look through these common troubleshooting issues.

If your iPhone or iPad isn’t responding – such as not responding when you touch the screen or physically press a button, your phone is frozen. This is a common occurrence when your software malfunctions or misinterprets. Sometimes your device can fix itself, but other times it will require professional intervention. First, try a hard reset. This is where you press and hold the power button of the device while simultaneously pressing the home button. Hold these both until the device powers off and then wait for 30 seconds. Press the power button and you will restart the system. If your device is still frozen, you’ll need to visit an iPhone or iPad repair shop in Pasadena, TX for further assistance.

Not Charging
If your device isn’t holding a charge or even accepting the charge, you may have a few issues going on. If it’s your hardware, a Pasadena, TX iPad or iPhone repair service can certainly help replace your faulty hardware and get your phone back on track. The most common causes for an Apple device not charging or refusing to hold a charge are:

·         Bad power connections – your USB cable may not be in the charging block. This can be easily fixed at home without professional assistance.
·         Faulty USB or charging block. If this occurs, you may need to replace your device’s charger altogether.
·         Dirty dock. You need to routinely clean your dock charging system as well as the dock access on your device. Dust can interfere with your device’s ability to charge; thus, leaving you with a dead device.
·         Faulty dock. If the dock itself has faulted, you’ll need a professional repair service to get it back on track.
·         Faulty battery. Sometimes your battery can die from dropping, water damage, etc. If this is the case, you’ll need a battery replacement, which can be done at a local repair store.

Cracked Screen
When the glass on your iPad or iPhone cracks, you need to have it professionally replaced. While some owners try to do this replacement themselves, they can void the warranty of their device and often break other delicate components inside the device. Whether your device has broken front or back glass, you will want to visit a local replacement service. These companies can fix your phone’s broken class in a matter of 15 minutes and your phone will look as good as new.

Repair stores constantly run into the issue of non-responsive devices. If you bring your iPhone to a repair store in Pasadena, TX, they will first work to diagnose why your phone is showing no sign of life. There are a few reasons an Apple device can become unresponsive, which includes:

·         A faulty LCD
·         Dead computer board
·         Dead battery
·         Battery that has expired

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